Firefighters in protective suits
MRI Enterprises, LLC is one of only two distributors in the United States authorized to distribute OREX Dissolvable Protective Clothing and Products. Although OREX was originally designed for the nuclear power industry, this technology has far-reaching applications. MRI Enterprises' role with OREX is focused primarily on Department of Energy (DOE) sites and non-nuclear applications. Some examples include painting operations, biological research laboratories, asbestos abatement, and large maintenance operations. MRI Enterprises is also continually exploring other applications for OREX, all of which have a real, significant impact on solid-waste reduction.
Orex, PolyZolv, and Xposure Guard logos
MRI Enterprises develops and provides, unique cutting edge products that improve worker safety and environmental sustainability. We serve a broad range of markets including both government and private organizations. Government organizations include U.S. Department of Energy, U. S. Department of Defense, NASA, and CDC. Private industries include pharmaceutical manufacturing, research laboratories, thin - film solar cell manufacturing and cancer centers. We qualify as both a Service - Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), and as a Minority - Owned Business Enterprise (MBE).
Man in protective suit with clipboard